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Percentage Change Calculator

Percentage Change Calculator

Percentage Change Calculation

Percentage change calculator is a calculator that finds the increase or decrease from starting amount to final amount in terms of a percentage, and it calculate the increase or decrease amount from final and starting amount, enter the starting amount and the final amount to calculate the percentage of increase or decrease.

Percentage Change Calculation

Its easy to use the Percentage Change Calculation, if the percentage rate is positive then you have a increase, if percentage rate is negative you have a decrease.

Percent Change

You can use Percentage Change Calculator to find percent change, percent will change to increase if the final value is more than the starting value, percent will change to decrease if the final value is less than the starting value.

Increase And Decrease Calculator

You can use increase and decrease calculator to find the increase or decrease rate or you can use increase and decrease formula.

Calculate Increase Decrease

To calculate increase decrease use this formula:

1. percentage increase formula: ((final value - starting value) / (starting value) * 100).

2. percentage decrease formula: ((Starting value - Final value) / (starting value) * 100).