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A timer is a special clock used to measure specific time intervals. Timers can be divided into two main types, A timer that counts up from zero to measure the elapsed time is usually called a stopwatch, and a device that counts down from a specified time interval is usually called a timer, Most timers will indicate that the set time interval has expired, The time switch (the timing mechanism that activates the switch) is sometimes called a "timers".

Online Timer

You can use our online timer to measure specific time intervals, our online timer is so easy to use, just chose the time that you want to measure and then click to start, if you want to chose another time you can use "+" and "-" button to change the time, when the countdown end's the alarm will start.

Set Timer

You can set the timer by click on "+"and "-" button to chose any time you want, then click on "start" button to start countdown timer.

Free Countdown Timer

Our timer is a free countdown timer, you can use this timer free and easly.