when is eid al adha 2021

when is eid al adha 2021: eid al adha 2021 will start on 20/07/2021 Tuesday, eid al Adha It is one of the two feasts (eids) for Muslims, and the blessed Eid al Adha start on the 10th of Dhu al Hijjah after the end of the day of Arafah pause, the position in which Muslim pilgrims stand to perform the most important rituals of Hajj, eid al Adha ends on the 13th of Dhu al Hijjah.

when is eid ul adha 2021

when is eid ul adha 2021: eid ul adha 2021 date 20/07/2021 Tuesday, we present to you when is ul adha 2021 by countdown, if you want to see the countdown of eid al adha click here.